"When we say find, we do not mean about simply using a search engine and waiting for the generated results. With our ads section which categorises members as Finders and Tellers, you are invited to post your listing and say to others (or better yet describe) the things you are looking for. In due time, you can check the responses posted and see if any of them are useful. They are the tellers and you can become one yourself. Tellers provide all the information you need to know about the product or service in question, including links and additional details for your own benefit.


Using this service will allow you to search for things, ideas, places or services. You can search for news, music or video strips, gathering feedback from other interested users, etc. In fact, the number of categories included increases on regularly. There are antiques and collectables, arts and crafts, plus baby products and beauty, just to name a few. You can enter your request in any of these categories. Books, clothes and food related stuff – all you can search for, whilst waiting for the tellers’ response. If you are interested in garden products, music, photography, pottery, real estate or technology, this is place where you should go and ask for it.


Online, at our Finders and Tellers groups, you can see a few examples of other’s people requests and even post a response for them (in case you have useful info). The listings include a photo of the product, with a short description and there is even a potential reward. You can proceed by reading the detailed information. For example, let’s say someone is trying to find a book on politics of the Middle East. The category is books, non-fiction and history. You will see the name of the user who has posted that request and also his/her status. The detailed description includes questions about where the best books on this subject,can be found. The user also inquires about the existence of books presenting Arabic religious beliefs, asking for a well-presented compilation of facts."

Mycyberpals Team